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2013 Church & Clergy Tax Guide By Richard Hammar

Get a better understanding of U.S. tax laws as they relate to pastors and churches with the 2013 Church & Clergy Tax Guide (available in book or CD format); learn how tax laws apply to you, how to correctly report your federal income taxes and social security taxes, understand relevant exemptions, and reduce your tax liability as much as possible. You'll also find easy-to-understand charts and real-life illustrations.

This book is designed to be a resource for ministers and also church treasurers, board members bookkeepers, attorneys, CPA's and tax practitioners throughout the year. Entire chapters are devoted to the tax laws you have the most questions about, including:

-Federal church reporting requirements
-Designated contributions
-Charitable contributions
-Business expense reimbursement
-Tax liability reduction
-Clergy retirement plans
-Tax changes to help prepare your 2012 returns

PLUS: Information on the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.

Pages: Over 700
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