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Administrative Assistant Orientation Guide

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Administrative Assistant Orientation Guide

An administrative assistant can be like the hub of a wheel. All good things revolve around this well-organized, dependable, and caring center. It's important, then, that an assistant does everything possible to represent who he or she works for in the best way possible.

This guide is designed to help you provide orientation and basic training to a new church administrative assistant.

Four Essentials of an Administrative Assistant
Attitude plays a more important role than being able to type 75 wpm.
Mark Rowh

What Every Assistant Needs
This kind of support will help keep a support person efficient, healthy, and fulfilled.
Kenneth Quick

Advice From an Experienced Leader
Build confidence as you learn the roles and responsibilities of serving as an administrative assistant.
interview with Pamela R. Smith

Sample Job Descriptions: Receptionist/Pastoral Administrative Assistant
Two different job descriptions for the adminstrative roles that help run the church.

What to Keep, What to Toss
Review your documents on a regular basis, and pitch the ones that arenít necessary.
Stephen Chawaga

Keeping Confidences
Assistants play a key role in protecting confidential and sensitive information.
Jeff Hanna

The Etiquette of Office Communication
We talk by fax, voice mail, e-mail, or in person. Which method is best, and when?
Cleve Pendleton

Look Good in Print
Seven ways to improve your bulletins, newsletters, and other paper communication
Mark Rowh

Maintaining a Calendar and Records
One church leader explains how to perform these two tasks with excellence.
David R. Pollock

Pages: 19