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Affordable Care Act: Church Administrator's Survival Guide

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Affordable Care Act:
Church Administrators
Survival Guide

Church leaders need to know how the Affordable Care Act relates to churches. Even if a church isn't required to offer coverage because of its size, its pastors and employees are mandated to obtain coverage through other options.

Richard Hammar has reviewed more than 2,500 pages of provisions, and compiled the most relevant information regarding the bills' effect on churches. Other experts have also contributed to articles and resources in this collection to help churches and church leaders navigate important aspects of this complex law.

Order The Affordable Care Act Survival Guide: Supplemental Articles for updates as of March 20, 2015. Find additional and future updates related to the Affordable Care Act on ChurchLawAndTax.com.

This pack includes:

Health Care Reform
How the new laws will affect your church.
Richard R. Hammar

Q&A: Can Ministers "Opt Out" of Obamacare?
Exploring whether or not Form 4361 exempts ministers from the Affordable Care Act.
Richard R. Hammar

Does the New Obamacare Notice Requirement Apply to Churches?
Compliance applies to all employers covered under FLSA
Richard R. Hammar

Meeting the Mandate
Church workers must get health insurance—five tips to help them.
Sarah E. Merkle

The Test Employers Must Use for the Affordable Care Act
What churches must assess to determine their coverage responsibilities.
Frank Sommerville

A Valuable Tax Credit for Churches
How small church staffs may benefit from a health care reform provision.
Richard R. Hammar