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Avoiding Church Lawsuits

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Avoiding Church Lawsuits

No church enjoys going to court. Legal disputes are messy, and sometimes unavoidable. However, your church can create proactive procedures to avoid common reasons why churches most often go to court, and to resolve legal conflict. Creating—and enforcing—the effective policies and procedures will show a court that your church is doing everything possible to keep your people safe, a strong defense should your church ever be brought to court. In this download you'll learn about the top five reasons churches end up in court, how to resolve arguments peacefully, and how to hire a lawyer.

Five Reasons Churches Go to Court
An introduction to common lawsuits churches must confront.

When Your Church Needs a Lawyer
Assessment | What you should know about selecting an attorney to prevent legal risks.
by Frank Sommerville

Recognizing Responsibility
Liability lurks, even when churches least expect it.
by Richard Hammar

How to Resolve Property Disputes
Churches can avoid property disputes before they happen.
by Richard Hammar

Is My Church Covered?
Good insurance may be your best ally in averting legal battles.
by Tonie Auer

Legal Zoning Law Remedies
Protecting the church's constitutional rights.
by Richard Hammar

Child Sexual Abuse Claims
Why churches are susceptible.
by Richard Hammar

Lawsuits in the Church
Ministry leaders must do more to peacefully resolve conflicts.
by Ken Sande

Pages: 30

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