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Benevolence Fund Basics

Help your church develop a tax-compliant benevolence ministry. Churches are commanded to love their neighbors and care for the poor. But the church also must abide by tax rules designed to prevent abuse of a benevolence system. This training download from Church Finance Today will help your church design a benevolence program that abides by the tax rules—from best practices for your treasurer to how to help an employee. You'll also receive a sample benevolence policy to get your church started.

Giving Help the Right Way
What your church needs to know about benevolence ministries.
by Frank Sommerville

Before You Give
Tax implications for benevolence funds.
by Richard R. Hammar

Relief from the Storm
Tax considerations for donating funds in the wake of a natural disaster.
by Richard Hammar

When an Employee Needs Help
Five tips for distributing financial assistance to staffers according to the tax code.
by Richard Hammar

Best Practices for Your Treasurer
What to know about the term "charity" and what to do with a nondeductible donation.
by Richard Hammar

Better Together
Combine the best efforts of community churches.
by Frank Sommerville

Sample Benevolence Fund Policy
by Richard Hammar

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