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Best Practices for Technology Usage

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Best Practices for Technology Usage

Personal computers, smartphones, social media—churches of every size can benefit from the variety of electronic tools available. But an increase in these options also means pastors and staff need to establish policies and best practices to govern the use of technology for church staff. For every new technology, a new risk or legal liability emerges. What is your church doing with these new technologies that requires careful monitoring? What legal considerations and potential risk do you need to consider? This training download will help you think through the questions to be asking, as well as provide potential solutions.

New Technologies Beget New Policies
Computers, cell phones and social media bring opportunity and potential peril
By Lauren Hunter

Distracted Driving Requires a Focused Policy
Use of technology on the road makes church workers accessible—and vulnerable.
By Richard R. Hammar

How to Avoid Copyright Wrongs
Licensing, permissions, and monitoring are keys to compliance.
By Jeff Hanna

A Safe and Legal Website
Be prudent about what you post—and what you link to—on your website
By Richard R. Hammar

Privacy on the Line
Be clear with workers about Fourth Amendment rights regarding computers and phones.
By Richard R. Hammar

Social Media Likes and Dislikes
Facebook, Twitter, and other sites can be used safely by your church
By Matt Branaugh and Tyler Charles

Contracts: Don't Get Tangled in the Details
When dealing with technology providers, pay attention to the fine print.
By John R. Throop

Protecting IT from Disasters
Sound policies and purchases can keep churches going, even in dire situations.
By Nick B. Nicholaou

Keeping Your Church’s Electronic Giving Safe
You need internal controls to protect digital giving—here’s how to implement them.
By Dan Busby

Infographic: Digital Giving Options
Given the choice, what electronic giving sources do churchgoers prefer?

Infographic: Online Donations
Percentage of churches that offer online giving.

The Growing Need for Cyberliability Insurance
How increased online and electronic activity exposes congregations to new risks.
By Bobby Ross Jr.

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