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Building with Security in Mind

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Building with Security in Mind

Your church can't afford to overlook safety considerations that will affect your facility once construction is complete. This download will help you stay safety-conscious each step of the way. From breaking ground to landscaping, learn how to build safely and keep your people secure.

Simple Steps for a Safety-Conscious Church Design
Overview | Making safety a priority for your church's building project.
By Tyler Charles

What Else Do We Need to Consider?
Assessment | Does your construction plan make safety a priority?
By Tyler Charles

Inspect the Land
How To | How environmental factors affect your building project.
By Melody J. Carroll

How to Prevent Moisture Problems
How To | Steps to take during the building process.
By Douglas Stephens

Protect Your Church from Fires
How To | How a good fire prevention plan can sustain your ministry.
By Lawton Searcy

Consider Security from the start
How To | Consider security elements when designing a new building.
By Steve Edmonds

Building a Church Accessible to All
For Church Leaders | Consider senior citizens when planning a new facility.
By John Stahlman

Safety First at Church
The Legal Side | The OSHA regulations that could impact your church's building plans.
By Stephen Chawaga

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

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