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Church IT: Strategies and Solutions

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Church IT: Strategies and Solutions

Churches use many types of computer technology on a daily basis, with new technologies being made available all the time. Your church's approach to technology is maximized when you start with learning how to develop the right IT team to lead in setting the best IT policies.

For every new technology, there is a financial consideration, but there also may be a new risk or legal liability that emerges. Learn how to find the best solutions when choosing software and hardware for your church. Also, understand the best approach to train and manage staff and volunteers. In addition, discover the right strategy for using the Cloud, setting up secure networks, and data recovery for your church.

Section One—Church IT's Mission
Chapter 1: IT Department Structure
Chapter 2: Who Is IT's Customer?
Chapter 3: Leading in an IT Vacuum

Section Two—Church IT Solutions
Chapter 4: Selecting Solutions for the Wrong Reason
Chapter 5: Church Management Software (ChMS)
Chapter 6: Rightsizing Hardware
Chapter 7: Virtual Computers
Chapter 8: Software Charity Licensing
Chapter 9: Making WiFi Work!
Chapter 10: VoIP vs. Traditional Phone Systems

Section Three—Church IT Strategies
Chapter 11: IT Volunteers—Yes or No?
Chapter 12: Training: The Most Neglected Spec
Chapter 13: IT Staff: Insource or Outsource?
Chapter 14: Who Owns Your Public DNS Record?
Chapter 15: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Chapter 16: The Security Sweet Spot
Chapter 17: The Value of Standardization
Chapter 18: Changing Paradigms: The Cloud & BYOD

Author: Nick B. Nicholaou
Pages: 150
Copyright: 2016