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Communicating in a Crisis

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Communicating in a Crisis

By definition, a crisis could be anything that disrupts church life. It could be something internal—such as a budget shortfall—that only needs to be communicated to those within the church. Or it could be something as serious as a public scandal or allegations against the church, which will require dealing with the media—and, at times, responding to negative media coverage. This download will help you navigate through that communication process, whatever situation is hovering over your church.

Simple Guide for Communicating in a Crisis
Overview | Knowing what to say—and where to say it.
By Tyler Charles

What Do You Want Me to Say?
Assessment | Is your church prepared to communicate a crisis?
By Tyler Charles

Dealing with the Media During a Crisis
How To | Having a "media strategy" in mind before a crisis will help you.
From Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Responding to Negative Coverage in the Media
How To | Tips from two church communications professionals.
By Kevin D. Hendricks

Using Communication Strategies
How To | Planning communication strategies for a potential traumatic incident.
From Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Ready for a Crisis
How To | How prepared is your church?
By Mike Bayer

Drafting a Crisis Team
For Church Leaders | Put this task force in place today—before the crisis comes.
By Dennis Kasper

Confronted with the Shameful
It's True | How one church responded to a serious crisis.
By Mike Woodruff and Dennis Kasper

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

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