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Copyright Law: What Every Church Must Know

Copyright is complex and confusing. This download is designed to clarify what copyright is and how to obtain permission before copying, airing, or distributing others' work. Use the included assessment to help you evaluate your church's practices, then test your knowledge of copyright laws with a short quiz.

Whose Idea Is It Anyway?
Overview | What you need to know to about copyright laws.
by Jeff Hanna

Church, Copyright, and Intellectual Property
Assessment | Are you violating the law?
by Jeff Hanna

Right Those Copyright Wrongs
How To | How to know if you're stealing what belongs by law to others.
by John R. Throop

Avoid Video Larceny
How To | With multimedia use on the rise, you'd better know the rules of operation.
by Ginger E. McFarland

Do You Need Permission to Copy?
For Ministry Leaders | Test Your Knowledge.
by Ginger E. McFarland

Making Peace With Copyright Law
The Legal Side | What you need to know to stay legally protected.
by Richard R. Hammar

Curbing the Piracy Pandemic
For Youth Pastors | What can you do to stem the tide?
by Andy Argyrakis

Church Software Policies
It's true | What happens when you pirate copies for your church?
by Richard R. Hammar

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 31