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Confronting Peer Abuse in Your Church

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Confronting Peer Abuse in Your Church

Learning how to deal with our peers is part of growing up. While all children should experience healthy conflict—conflict that brings growth and maturity—it is likely they'll encounter other children who wield their age, size, and superior knowledge like weapons of power, bullying and even abusing those around them. Use this download to help equip you to watch and protect the children under your care from peer abuse at church.

Simple Tips for Preventing Peer Abuse

Prepared to Confront Peer Abuse
Do we take precautions to prevent it?

No More Name Calling
Give your Sunday school students an alternative.

How to Teach Respect
In an age of flippancy, how can children cultivate this virtue?
By Faith Tibbetts McDonald

The Three Risk Factors That Contribute to Peer Abuse
Prepare your ministry by confronting these risks.
By Richard R. Hammar

Parenting the Underdog
If your child's getting picked on, here's what you can do.
By Dandi Daley Mackall

Keeping Kids Safe: 9 Supervision Guidelines
Implement these tips to minimize the risk to your church's children.
By Beth J. Lueders

Negligence as a Basis for Liability
Vigilance and watchfulness are essential to keeping kids safe at church—and keeping you from liability.
By Richard R. Hammar

When Your Children Pay the Price
How one pastor's family withstood the trauma of sexual abuse in the church.
By Bob Moeller

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