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Creating a Disaster Preparation and Response Plan

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Creating a Disaster Preparation and Response Plan

When churches plan for disasters, it's always with the hope that the plans will be unnecessary. But if a disasteróbe it a hurricane, a tornado, a fire, flooding, or something elseódoes strike your church, you'll be glad if you've taken time to think through preparations that can easily be put into action when disaster strikes. Learn the steps you can take now so you are ready to respond if a crisis unfolds.

Disaster and Emergency Readiness in the Local Church
Understanding the types of disasters that can impact your church.
By John R. Throop

Developing an Emergency Operations Plan
Steps FEMA says churches should take nowóbefore a crisis unfolds.
By Sarah E. Merkle

Managing Any Crisis
While you canít know what will happen, you can know how to respond.
By James F. Cobble Jr.

How Churches Can Prepare for Disasters
Recent events underscore the importance of emergency preparedness.
By Steve Hall

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
How your church can recover IT functions quickly after a disaster.
By Nick B. Nicholaou

Preparing for a Disaster
Six things churches and their members should know.
By Richard R. Hammar

Tips for Congregations Threatened by Wildfires
Three things your church can do even when a wildfire is active.
By Jamie Aten

Measuring Losses Caused by Fire
Check your insurance policy to see what type of coverage you have.
By Richard R. Hammar

Insurance Questions to Ask
How churches can protect against loss.
By Tonie Auer