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Creating a Safety Team

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Creating a Safety Team

Every church could benefit from having a safety team trained to respond appropriately to crises. This download will discuss the importance of having a team that can handle situations requiring security intervention, medical response, or evacuation.

Protecting Your People
Overview | Having a trained safety team is essential.
by Laura Brown

How Effective is Your Safety Team?
Assessment | What can your safety team tackle?
by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Creating a Safety Team
How to | Take a layered approach to safety.
by Laura J. Brown

5 Steps for Building a Volunteer Safety and Security Team
How to | A church administrator creates a sustainable, long-term solution.
by Robert Wild

Urgent Ushering
How to | Learn what to do when serious situations occur during a service.
by John R. Throop

Church Safety 101
For Pastors | Are you keeping your church safe and secure?
by Jeff Hanna

Should Churches Have Armed Security Guards?
For Board Members | Every church must decide for itself.
from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Church Security Teams Raise Legal Issues
The Legal Side | In all things, be reasonable.
by James A. Hanson, JD

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

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