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Dealing With Dangerous People

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Dealing With Dangerous People

Security teams, specialized procedures, surveillance cameras, limited office access, emergency buttons, and thorough screening procedures help empower and enable churches to keep staff and congregants safe. This download is designed to help you think through safety measures your church can take to ward off dangerous individuals from entering your church, as well as practical ways to respond to disruptive people.

Dangerous or Disturbed?
What to do when your church or staff is confronted with disruptive behavior.
By the Editors of Church Law & Tax

Can We Handle a Dangerous Person?
Stay alert to possible threats.

Drawing the Line on Danger
What to do when someone scary enters your church.
By Lee A. Dean

Secure Your Sanctuary in an Unsafe World
Five ways to welcome strangers without falling victim to them.
By Jeff Hanna

Responding to Threats
How churches can be vigilant in their security and threat assessment efforts.
By Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas

Handling Disruptive People
Can a church legally keep someone from attending services?
By Richard R. Hammar

The Challenge of Unpredictable Behavior
How one church attempted to create boundaries for an autistic teenager.
By Lindsey Learn

Pages: 21