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Employment and Tax Status of Clergy Download

Item #: DBT03

Employment and Tax Status of Clergy

Taxes are a complicated matter. Pastors have it harder than most: their financial well being and local reputation intersect at this confusing juncture. With this tool, pastors can understand their tax status and systemize their payments. These handouts will explain:

1. The importance of the pastor’s employment status (employed by the church or self-employed) for tax purposes
2. A set of guidelines to determine employment status
3. How and why to have income and self-employment taxes withheld
4. Several tax rules set up for the benefit of clergy

Use this material in one of your regularly scheduled meetings or as an introduction for someone new to pastoral ministry.

Employment Status 101
What concrete difference does it make if you’re an employee or self-employed?

How to Determine Status
20 guidelines for establishing the right employment status.

Voluntary Withholding—How Does It Work?
One option that can simplify the pastor’s taxes.

Special Situations
Four tax rules that are available to ministers.

Further Resources
Books and websites to help with your church and clergy taxes.

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