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Essential Guide to Internal Controls for Churches

Embezzlement is on the rise across America, and churches are not immune from this kind of financial fraud. Essential Guide to Internal Controls for Churches addresses critical aspects of safeguarding money for ministries. Starting with a real-life story of embezzlement at one church, this eBook will help leaders understand how financial misconduct occurs, how to prevent it, and what to do when you detect it. Essential Guide to Internal Controls for Churches includes ideas and insights from trusted experts, including Richard Hammar and Dan Busby.

Introduction: The Growing Risk of Embezzlement
by Matt Branaugh

Prologue: Not at Our Church (Part 1)
by Richard Bergstrom

Chapter 1: How Churches Can Prevent Embezzlement
by Richard R. Hammar

Chapter 2: How to Set Up Internal Controls
by Richard Vargo

Chapter 3: If an Embezzler Confesses
by Richard R. Hammar

Chapter 4: You've Been Embezzled!
by Dan Busby

Epilogue: Not at Our Church (Part 2)
by Richard Bergstrom

Appendix 1: Contributors
Appendix 2: 50 Questions for Your Church
Appendix 3: Original Sources

Type: eBook
Copyright: 2012

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