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Essential Guide to Law and Tax for New Ministers eBook

New ministers are faced with plenty of challenges, including potentially significant legal and financial decisions. This eBook offers guidance on key issues of church law and tax in a convenient and reliable format. Pastors will gain essential knowledge to ensure that their ministry begins with legal and financial clarity and integrity.

Chapter 1: Are You a "Minister" for Federal Tax Purposes?
Chapter 2: Should You Report Your Income Taxes as an Employee or as Self-Employed?
Chapter 3: Should You Report Your Social Security Taxes as an Employee or as Self-Employed?
Chapter 4: Should You "Opt Out" of Social Security?
Chapter 5: What Is the Housing Allowance?
Chapter 6: What Are the Tax Implications of Living in a Church-Owned Parsonage?
Chapter 7: How Do You Pay Estimated Taxes?
Chapter 8: Can You Have the Church Withhold Your Taxes?
Chapter 9: What Is the Best Way to Handle Your Business Expenses?
Chapter 10: What Is the Clergy-Penitent Privilege?
Chapter 11: Are You Required to Report Child Abuse?
Chapter 12: What Legal Requirements Apply to the Performance of Marriage Ceremonies?
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Copyright: 2012

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