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Essential Guide to Money for Church Boards

As a church board member, you need to be familiar with a variety of financial issues including audits, internal controls, securities, embezzlement, severance packages, discretionary funds, designated contributions, housing allowances, compensation planning, excess benefit retirement gifts, and property issues. These are topics that frequently come up in the life of most churches, and itís important to have at least a basic understanding of them so youíll be able to oversee and maintain the financial integrity of your church.

Chapter 1: Audits
Chapter 2: Internal Controls
Chapter 3: Securities
Chapter 4: Embezzlement
Chapter 5: Severance Packages
Chapter 6: Discretionary Funds
Chapter 7: Designated Contributions
Chapter 8: Housing Allowance
Chapter 9: Compensation Planning
Chapter 10: Excess Benefits
Chapter 11: Retirement Gifts
Chapter 12: Property Issues

Copyright: 2012
About the Author: Richard Hammar

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