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Financing a Church Building Project

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Financing a Church Building Project

Starting a capital campaign at your church for a new building or construction project? Church Finance Today newsletter brings you this training resource to help guide your process for getting your building project funded. From donations to borrowing and finding grants, this download will help answer common questions church leaders have when it comes to obtaining the money for these expensive projects.

CONTENTS Building for What Future?
Expectations and the economy are forcing churches to ask foundational questions.
by Eric Reed

A Good Time to Launch a Church Building Campaign?
Advice on expensive church projects in a time of economic turmoil.
Interview by Ruth Moon

Deciding on Debt
Understanding your church's preconceptions about financing building projects.
by Tyler Charles

Eight Key Questions
Common questions about church fundraising campaigns.
by Dale K. Ingersoll

Finding the Funding Oasis
Getting the money for a building project during a financial drought.
by Lee A. Dean

Borrowing Trouble?
Church leaders reveal what they learned from their experiences with debt.
by Bruce Howard

When the Bank Says No
The first "no" is not the end.
by Lee A. Dean

Financing by Faith
How one church's unorthodox approach led to a successful building campaign.
by Shirley Pieters Vogel

Finding Grants for Church Building Campaigns
Churches that serve the community may be eligible for outside funds.
by Joy Skjegstad

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