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International Safety Overseas

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International Safety Overseas

If your church or ministry sends short-term mission teams overseas, you need to know how to do it as safely as possible. While no international mission trip is risk-free, you can take some simple steps to reduce the likelihood of problems. This download will offer practical advice on how prepare for risks related with international travel, such as illness, accidents, and theft.

Is International Mission Travel Still Safe?
Overview | It can be, if you take reasonable precautions
by Laura J. Brown

Preparing for International Mission Trips
Assessment | Take stock of your state of readiness
from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Stay Safe on Your Mission Trip
How To | Practice basic security behaviors to make your trip more productive and safe.
by Walter N. Clements

Research Foreign Travel Risks
How To | Learn about your mission destination and how to protect yourself from threats.
from the U.S Department of State

Avoid Getting Sick Overseas
How To | Health risks and precautions: general considerations.
from the World Health Organization

Prevent Identity Theft While Traveling
How To | Consider the following recommendations as you travel around the world.
by Henry Bagdasarian

Why Buy Foreign Travel Insurance?
For Mission Trip Leaders | Learn about the risks short-term missionaries face.
from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Safe and Legal Mission Trips
The Legal Side | Consider legal and tax issues before sending a team overseas.
by Richard Hammar

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 32

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