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Keeping Your Counseling Ministry Safe

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Keeping Your Counseling Ministry Safe

This resource is designed to help you address risks unique to counseling the opposite sex. Start by evaluating your church's current counseling atmosphere with the assessment, "Cautious Counseling." Then, use the following articles to: learn practical ways to safeguard your church's counseling ministry, address legal issues in counseling, and formulate your own policies on counseling the opposite sex. If you are a counselor (or just a good listener), these articles will further equip you and prepare your heart for ministry.

Seeking Wisdom to Counsel
Overview | A risky ministry requires discernment.
By Ria Feltman

Cautious Counseling
Assessment | What precautions is your church taking?
By Richard Hammar

5 Moral Fences
How To | Set your boundaries early and make them known.
By James MacDonald

Counseling Do's and Don'ts
How To | Advice on keeping your counseling ministry helpful and healthy.
By Link Care Center

Strategies to Keep from Falling
For the Pastor | Ways to stand firm in the face of sexual misconduct in the church today.
By Randy Alcorn

Legal Guidelines for Counselors
The Legal Side | Counseling men or women, your ministry has legal responsibilities.
By Richard Hammar

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 20