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Launching a Business at Church

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Launching a Business at Church

This resource is designed to help make launching a business at church easier, covering all of the angles you should address for most any type of business. This resource offers a quick overview of the business plan that should guide your church's thinking, and continues with specific information on the legal, insurance, and tax implications a business poses to a church.

When Business and Church Do Mix
Overview | An outreach opportunity that demands attention to detail.
by Matt Branaugh

Before You Open Your Doors
Assessment | A checklist to use as you launch a business.
by Matt Branaugh

When Ministry Becomes Business
How To | How to know when a new bookstore or childcare center will attract IRS attention.
by John R. Throop

Blessed Insurance
How To | A business brings a church outreach opportunities—and increased exposure to liabilities.
by Matt Branaugh

Safety First
How To | What OSHA means for businesses at churches.
by Stephen Chawaga

Employees and Zoning
The Legal Side | Adding a business can impact a church's employment policies and zoning.
by James F. Cobble Jr. and Richard R. Hammar

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 25