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Planning a Church Building Project

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Planning a Church Building Project

Incredible growth can come when a congregation and its leadership break ground on a new building. But those same exciting times can also be times of great stress. Construction and its financing are complicated, and many well-seasoned church leaders find themselves in over their heads when starting to plan a building project. Educating yourself on the entire process prior to beginning construction, or even finding financing, can be instrumental in avoiding problems. From zoning and property sales to church construction and financing you’ll be informed as you plan your next church building project.

Plan Before You Decide
A phased-in approach to building.
By Dale K. Ingersoll

Building with Confidence
A legal and financial blueprint for church construction projects.
By David Middlebrook

Building on Budget
How to succeed at a church renovation project, despite two painful realities of construction.
By Kevin Miller

Realistic Budgeting
Consider all possible costs before purchasing property.
By Paul Spite

Build For Efficiency
Keeping your dream facility from becoming an annual budget nightmare.
By Thomas G. Dolan

Eleven Things Churches Should Know About Zoning
What to note before buying or constructing your next building.
By John Mauck

The Dirt on Real Estate Disclosures
What must be revealed before a property is sold.
By Richard R. Hammar

Understanding Offer and Acceptance in Land Sales
New conditions in an acceptance of sale terms can invalidate the acceptance.
By Richard R. Hammar

Reversionary Clauses in Deeds: A Checklist
Ten items to understand about your deed.
By Richard R. Hammar

Construction Projects
An Iowa court ruled that a church was barred by the statute of limitations from suing a contractor for numerous construction-related problems.
By Richard R. Hammar

The Importance of Filing Lawsuits within the Statute of Limitations
By Richard R. Hammar

Finding the Funding Oasis
Getting the money for a building project during a financial drought.
By Lee Dean

When the Bank Says No
The first "no" is not the end.
By Lee A. Dean