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Protecting Church Property

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Protecting Church Property Basic Training

Burglary, arson, robbery, computer crime, vandalismóthese arenít fun topics to think about, let alone every day. But churches with their own buildings and properties must think daily about these issues, and what they are doing to protect their people and their assets. If your church hasnít spent much time evaluating ways to minimize its risks when it comes to these issues, now is a good time to start. If your church has addressed these topics, itís always a good time to review policies, procedures, and systems, just to ensure new vulnerabilities havenít arisen.

The following five handouts will provide: 1) brief explanations on the risks associated with arson, burglary, computer crime, robbery, and vandalism; 2) ways to evaluate your churchís potential exposure to these risks; 3) steps you can take to reduce those risks; 4) advice for policies your church can set up to protect itself.

We hope this material helps you protect your house of worship as well as the people who work there and use it.

How to Protect Against Burglary
What you can do to protect your property from intruders.

Preventing Robbery on Church Property
Eight steps you can take to protect your staff and property from robbery.

How to Prevent Arson
Simple steps you can take to lower your churchís risk.

Reducing the Risk of Vandalism
Identify and eliminate opportunities for vandalism.

Preventing Computer Crime
Churches must aggressively protect their computer systems.

Further Resources
Books, downloads, and websites to help you prevent crime on church property.

Pages: 11

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