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Protect Your Church from Crime & Violence

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Protect Your Church from Crime & Violence

The church should be a place of peace and a safe haven for worshipping and experiencing God's love and grace away from the conflicts of the world. But what happens when crime and violence breach the church doors? As you seek to minister to the desperate and hurting, are there ways to protect your congregation from those with sinister motives? This downloadable resource is designed to help you assess the security of your church and learn how to prevent a crime or tragedy from occurring within your ministry.

A Smart Way to Minister
Overview | Protect your congregation while opening your church to those who need it most.
by Lori Quicke

Is Your Church Secure?
Assessment | Use this review to see if it's as safe as you think.
by Peary Perry

Responding to Transients
How To | Protect the safety of your church staff.
by James F. Cobble, Jr.

A Shooter in the House
How To | A police officer's advice on how to prevent, and react to, a gunman at church.
by Andrew G. Mills

Choose the Right Security System
How To | Ways to make the church safe without turning it into a fortress.
by John R. Throop and Jeff Hanna

Educate Your Congregation
For the Pastor | Sensible ways to welcome strangers without being harmed by them.
by Jeff Hanna

The Risks of the Pastorate
For the Pastor | Being a visible source of charity and goodwill can make a pastor vulnerable.

An Intruder in Church
It's True | Letting volunteers in, keeping vagrants out.
by Melody J. Carroll

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 25

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