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Questions About Your Order

What if I am not completely satisfied with my order?
We have a 100% Guarantee for all of our resources.

For books, CDs and DVDs, if you're not completely satisfied with the product you purchased, please e-mail Customer Support, or call (800) 222-1840. Returns are taken within sixty (60) days of your purchase date.

For digital products such as downloads or eBooks, we will provide you with another digital resources of an equal or lesser price completely free if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. Please e-mail Customer Support, or call (877) 247-4787. Some restrictions may apply.

How do I get my download?
If you purchased a digital resource and did not download it from the order confirmation page, you can do so by clicking on the link included in your confirmation email.

You will be asked to enter your credit card number to confirm you are the customer who ordered the item. Your credit card will not be charged again. If your download was free, leave the "Card or Account Number" box empty and click "Apply." You will then see a "Download" button appear on the top right.

Can I order by phone?
Yes, you can order hard good/physical products by calling (800) 222-1840. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. Please have your item number or product name handy when you call. Digital products can only be ordered online.

I preordered a product but when will it ship?
When you preordered your item, the order page indicated the month when could expect shipment. If you need further details, please contact us at (800) 222-1840, option #3.

What if I haven't received my hard goods order?
You may contact Customer Support (800) 222-1840 or e-mail us to check the status of your shipment or have your order reshipped.

What is your reprint policy?
Reprinting is not permitted for book, DVD or CD product unless you have been granted permission to do so. For reprint inquiries, please email us at Church Law & Tax Editor. Please use "Permissions Inquiry" in the subject line of your email.

For downloads only, you may make copies provided the copies are used in your local church only, and distributed without charge (including tuition or entrance fee). If a credit line doesn't appear on the copy, please insert the following:

Copyright [Insert Year] [Insert author's name] and Christianity Today. Used with permission.

What is the difference between eBook file types?
eReaders use one of two formats, etiher ePub or MOBI. The eBook resources are also available in a PDF format.

ePub Files
ePub is an open standard for eBooks, created by the IDPF. ePubs are supported by the NOOK, Kobo Reader, Apple iOS, Android, Sony Reader, PCs & Macs with the free Calibre software, and others.

PRC or MOBI Files
MOBI is the file extension for the "mobipocket" format, an open eBook standard using XHTML and can include JavaScript and frames. MOBIs (.mobi & .prc) are supported by the Kindle, Apple iOS, Android, PCs & Macs with the free Calibre software, and others.

How can I get the resource in eBook format to my eReader?
  1. Download the correct file type for your eReader from our store to your computer. This file will likely go to a "Downloads" folder on your computer or to your desktop.
  2. Connect your eReader to your computer using a USB cable. Once your eReader is connected, a drive folder will open up in Windows Explorer entitled the name of your eReader.
  3. Open the "Documents" folder within the eReader folder. You will be able to view the content from your eReader here.
  4. Go back to your "Downloads" folder or desktop on your computer to retrieve the resource. Select the file and move it to the "Documents" folder on your eReader.
  5. Safely remove your eReader from the computer.
  6. The resource will be on your eReader as the top file if you keep it organized by most recent first.
  7. Select the file and enjoy the resource on your eReader.
Can I save my personal information?
We can store all your credit card and billing information safely, simply, and securely with a feature called Yahoo! Wallet. It makes checking out easier. To save your personal information with us, visit this link: http://wallet.yahoo.com

Can I view my order history?
You can keep track of all your shopping carts and orders from us and any other Yahoo! Store merchant. First you must create a Yahoo! Wallet that will provide you with a Yahoo! ID (see link included with the question above). Once you have a Yahoo! ID, you can make purchases while you're signed in. Your order history is then saved, and you can view the details by visiting this link: http://shopping.yahoo.com/store/order-status.html