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Reducing the Risk <span style="color:red;">Preorder Now for April Shipment</span>
Reducing the Risk <span style="color:red;">Preorder Now for April Shipment</span>
Reducing the Risk <span style="color:red;">Preorder Now for April Shipment</span>
Reducing the Risk <span style="color:red;">Preorder Now for April Shipment</span>

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Reducing the Risk
Preorder Now for April Shipment

Child sexual abuse continues to be the #1 reason churches end up in court. The good news is you can decrease the likelihood of children being harmed and your church having a costly allegation when you implement an awareness program like Reducing the Risk.

Created by noted legal expert Richard Hammar, JD., LL.M., CPA, the Reducing the Risk training program includes everything you will need to provide information and guidance to train pastors, staff members, and volunteer leaders every year with ease. Videos and training resources walk participants through an effective screening and selection process, common supervision scenarios that require thoughtful decisions, and insights on best practices that can most effectively reduce vulnerabilities.

Your Reducing the Risk training program is conveniently delivered to you on DVD which includes nine newly-edited training videos to further help viewers retain the training. In addition, all videos now feature closed-captioning (English). Plus completely revised PDFs of the Leader's Guide, Trainee Workbook, and Screening Forms for Volunteers suitable for printing or electronic use. And finally, to make gathering staff and volunteer data even easier, all screening and training forms are available in an electronically fillable format.

Training Video Summaries

Video #1: Child Protection as the Foundation of Your Ministry
Children's ministry director David Staal introduces churches to the problem of child sexual abuse in the church. This segment gets people invested in solving this safety issue by engaging them, heart and mind. It should be the first presentation that you view and show.

Video #2: A Victim's Story
This segment presents the true story of a victim of clergy abuse. It should help sensitize leaders to the human cost of sexual abuse in ministry settings.

Video #3: Sexual Abuse in Faith CommunitiesóAn Expert Roundtable
This presentation features five experts who deal with different aspects of sexual abuse in the church, ranging from a psychologist who helped create his church's child protection program to an insurance claims manager who understands the legal impact of sexual abuse allegations. By sitting in on this group's discussion, viewers gain insight into the issues surrounding child sexual abuse in ministries today.

Video #4: Screening & Selection: Your First Line of Defense
Richard Hammar, noted church attorney and CPA, and one of the creators of Reducing the Risk, presents a powerful teaching session on the importance of proper screening and selection of staff and volunteers. This segment provides a five-step plan for reducing liability.

Video #5: Screening & Selection: The Candidate (a short film)
This segment creatively teaches leaders how to interview a candidate, conduct a background check, and check references. Participants will see and hear what the screening and selection process should look like.

Video #6: Legal Requirements: The Church's Responsibility to Protect Kids (with Richard Hammar)
Viewers receive more training by the most trusted name in church lawóRichard Hammar. In this segment, he explains legal requirements for protecting children in your ministry, plus practical tips on how your ministry can meet the "reasonable standard of care."

Video #7: Supervising Scenarios: What Would You Do?
This fast-paced, interactive segment teaches principles of good supervision. It helps children and youth volunteers think through common scenarios of supervision.

Video #8: Responding to an Allegation
What would your church do if it were faced with an allegation of child sexual abuse? This video depicts the story of how one church handled this situation. Experts add insights to this first-person story.

Video #9: Taking the Next Steps.
Spokesperson David Staal wraps up the DVD and offers action steps your church can take to implement or strengthen your child-protection program.

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