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Record Keeping

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Record Keeping

Churches maintain many documents—some they must permanently keep, while others are temporary. Those responsible for keeping records need accurate information regarding how to responsibly handle each document. With so much personal and organizational information in their care, record keeping is an opportunity to display stewardship and respect to church members. This download will help church staff understand: (1) what constitutes a church document; (2) how to maintain confidential documents; (3) guidelines for granting access to sensitive information, and (4) establishing policies to discard or retain records.

Church Records 101
Before you can maintain them, you have to know what they are.

Your church must be careful with the confidential information it controls.

There are legitimate reasons for your church to reveal its private documents.

Records Retention
Set rules for retaining or discarding church documents.

How Long Should We Keep Church Records?
It is a legitimate question. After all, church offices can become overwhelmed with old records and forms.

Additional Resources
To help with your church’s record keeping.

Author: Richard R. Hammar
Pages: 21

Please note: This resource features a new design; however, the content remains the same as the previous edition.