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Safe Hiring Practices for Ministries

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Safe Hiring Practices for Ministries

This download focuses on some of the key aspects of hiring—how to create a written job description, the benefits of background checks, and the tax ramifications of your compensation package. These are some of the essential items to consider before you bring new clergy or staff on board.

Playing It Safe
Overview | What to know before you make your next hire.
By Marian V. Liataud

Developing Clearly Defined Work
Assessment | Specific position descriptions help get the most out of every ministry worker.
By John Throop

Sample Job Description
How To | Define your needs.
By BuildingChurchLeaders.com

Setting a Pastor's Salary
How To | Three ways to determine fair pay, with perks.
By Norman Adamson

Employment Interviews
How To | What you can & can't ask.
By Richard Hammar

Background Checks
How To | Do the benefits outweigh the cost?
by John Throop

Compensation Planning for Clergy
For Board Members | Understanding tax issues related to a benefits package.
By Richard Hammar

Employee Handbooks
The Legal Side | How to establish policies and procedures.
by Richard Hammar

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 32