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Safeguard Your Building Projects

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Safeguard Your Building Projects

When planning a building or renovation project for your church, you'll want to keep people safe, spend smart, and hire the right people. Don't go a step further in your renovation or building project without this download. It will help you with planning a reasonable budget to hiring a trustworthy contractor.

Simple Tips for Safeguarding Building Projects
Overview | Learn how to think ahead and keep people safe.

Hiring the Right Contractor
Assessment| Tips to protect your resources.
By Keyton Kyles

Build on a Good Beginning
For the Project Coordinator | Make the most of the great outdoors with these great ideas.
By Quentin Wagenfield

Reducing Accidents in Maintenance and Construction Projects
How To | Discover the importance of a safety supervisor.
By Dr. James F. Cobble, Jr.

Construction Planning: Design It Right
How To | Good planning leads to quality construction.
From Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Church Zoning: Permission Denied
For the Church Board | Municipalities and neighbors are increasingly resistant to church construction and expansion.
By John W. Kennedy (with reporting by Ted Olsen)

Building Projects Require Special Insurance Protection
For the Project Coordinator | Insurance you may never have thought you needed.
By Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Extreme Makeover
It's True | How one church handled the challenges of major reconstruction.
By George W. Green

Resource Center
Leader's guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 26

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