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Screening & Selecting Children's Workers

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Screening & Selecting Children's Workers

This download provides everything you need to know about screening and selecting children's workers for your ministry. You'll find articles on what practices to include in the screening process, the importance of background checks and interviews, and how to train volunteers to work with children.

Background Screening Is a Must for Ministries
Overview | There's no substitute for a good screening program.
By Laura J. Brown

How Carefully Do We Screen and Train Children's Workers?
Assessment | Use this quiz to identify gaps in your process.
From Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
How To | Are small churches more vulnerable to predators?
By Marian V. Liautaud

Screen Your Paid Children's Workers
How To | Taking decisive steps now can prevent harm to young people in your care.
By James F. Cobble, Jr.

Screen Your Volunteer Children's Workers
How To | Easy-to-understand help for a tough job.
By James F. Cobble, Jr.

To Hire or Not To Hire
How To | What to do when a background check turns up a criminal record.
By Deana Croussore

Keeping Young Children Safe at Church
For Church Leaders | Practical measures to create a safe environment for kids.
By John R. Throop

Would a Criminal Background Check Have Protected Katie?
The Legal Side | It's not always possible to foresee danger.
By Richard R. Hammar

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources

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