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Serving as a Disaster Relief Team

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Serving as a Disaster Relief Team

It's hard to comprehend the chaos left behind by a major disaster. Disaster relief teams often have to work in an environment where safe water, food, and electricity do not exist. This download offers advice on how to organize, equip, and train a disaster relief team, plus provide emotional support for victims and emergency responders.

Lay a Good Groundwork
Overview | Preparation improves disaster response's effectiveness.
By Laura J. Brown

Disaster Relief Teams
Assessment | Is your crew ready for action?
By Laura J. Brown

Ministering in the Midst of Disaster
How To | Prepare your mission team to serve.
By Martha VanCise

Responding with Love and Compassion
How To | Traits of a 'good' relief worker.
From Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod World Relief

Providing Shelter
How To | Tips for making your church a refuge.
By Laura J. Brown

Guidelines for Creating a Temporary Shelter
How To | Safeguard your guests and protect your ministry.
By Laura J. Brown

Minimizing Risks for Relief Workers
How To | Safety tips for volunteers to disasters.
From the Episcopal Diocese of Southeastern Florida

When Disaster Strikes
How To | How to donate or volunteer successfully.
From the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Emotional and Spiritual Care for the Caregiver
For Pastors | Providing rest for the weary.
By the Rev. Kevin Massey

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 51