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Sex Offenders in the Church

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Sex Offenders in the Church

The willingness to welcome former sex offenders into a congregation needs to be balanced with proper protocols. This download will walk you through the legal and safety concerns your church should address and offers sample policies to help you integrate these processes into your church life.


Overview on Sex Offenders in the Church
At some point, you may learn that a sex offender attends your church—or wants to.
By Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Are Sex Offenders Welcome to Worship?
Is your church prepared to open its doors to convicted sex offenders?
By Tyler Charles

Modern-Day Lepers
Churches try to balance grace and accountability toward sex offenders.
By Bobby Ross Jr.

Sex Offenders in Church
How to safely integrate high-risk individuals.
By Richard Hammar

Sex Offenders Probation Agreement
Make sure you know what restrictions they must follow.
By Richard Hammar

Sample Policy for Registered Sex Offenders
Ensuring the safety of your congregation.

Sample Restrictive Access Agreement
Conditional attendance for individuals who have committed severe/violent offenses and/or offenses against minors.

Sample Registered Sex Offender Accountability Covenant
A commitment to safety.

Sample Dismissal Letter
When you need to ask someone to leave your church.

Sample Letter for Probation Officer
Communicating with the Department of Corrections.

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