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Starting a Food Pantry

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Starting a Food Pantry

Whether it's an encounter with a homeless person begging for food, a stint volunteering at a soup kitchen, participation in a canned food drive, or just watching a commercial about children starving in a third-world country, most people have at least a basic understanding of the reality that people are going hungry—throughout the world, and even in the heart of a wealthy nation like the United States.

For a church that feels compelled or called to do its part to eradicate hunger, establishing a food pantry might be an effective way to make a difference.

Simple Guide for Starting a Food Pantry
Overview | How to kick-start this new ministry.
by Tyler Charles

Five Characteristics of Successful Food Pantry Programs
Assessment | Ways to gauge your food pantry's success.
from Tarrant Area Food Bank

How to Begin a Food Pantry
How To | Considerations and first steps for those planning to launch a food ministry.
from Tarrant Area Food Bank

Food Distribution Models
How To | Use one of these two models for food distribution.
from Tarrant Area Food Bank

Finding Food
How To | How to stock the shelves of your food pantry.
from Tarrant Area Food Bank

Safe Food Storage
How To | Tips for storing and monitoring non-perishable foods.
by Lindsey Learn

Let People Shop
It's True | Food pantries feed more, waste less with client choice.
by Charles Honey

Hunger Has a Profile
It's True | Working at my local food pantry helped me personalize the statistics.
by Cindy Crosby

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

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