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Transportation Safety for Your Church

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Transportation Safety for Your Church

Find out what safety considerations to take into account when transporting church groups. Get advice on the safety issues to consider when choosing between buses and vans to transport groups of people and whether you should lease, charter, or buy. Also find out what you need to do to keep your vehicles running safely.

In the Driver's Seat
Overview | Keeping your church safe on the road.
by Marian V. Liautaud

Vehicle Inspections
Assessment | What to check before you hit the road.
by James F. Cobble

Moving Forward with Church Transportation
How To | Solutions to shift your thinking.
by Gary A. De Bois

Bus vs. Van
How To | When all factors are considered, a clear winner emerges.
by John Stahlman

Top 10 Tips for Buying a Church Bus
How To | What you need to know before you make this major purchase.
by Terry Butler

Safe, Not Sorry
How To | Precautions that can save lives in 15-passenger vans.
by the editors of Christianity Today magazine.

Reducing the Risk of Accidents
The Legal Side | Understanding the safety and legal issues of using vans and buses.
by Richard Hammar

Banding Together on Retreat Trips
It's True | Communication is the key to safe travel.
by Harriet Long

Resource Center
Leader's guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 23

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