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Understanding Church Insurance

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Understanding Church Insurance

Though nearly every church has insurance coverage, many church leaders lack confidence in their understanding of their policies and the terminology associated with them. As you gain a better understanding of church insurance, as well as your church's specific needs, you are making progress toward better safeguarding your ministry. When it comes to insurance, you must be informed.

Why Insurance Details Matter
When it comes to ministry, ensuring you have proper protection is priceless.
By Jeff Hanna

Understanding the Benefits and Types of Insurance for Churches
Answers to common questions church leaders ask about insurance.
By Richard R. Hammar

Is My Church Covered?
Why now is a smart time for leaders to evaluate insurance coverage.
By Tonie Auer

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Insurance
Consider these when selecting and retaining your church’s insurance.
By Jeff Hanna

Insurance Terms Defined
Use these explanations to build your insurance knowledge and confidence.
By James F. Cobble, Jr. and Richard R. Hammar

Test Your Emergency Preparedness
Do you know how much your church contents are worth?
from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Your Church Needs an Insurance Committee
Sound financial decisions include regular reviews of coverage options by a team.
By Richard R. Hammar

The Growing Need for Cyberliability Insurance
How increased online and electronic activity exposes congregations to new risks.
By Bobby Ross Jr.

Understanding Risk Financing
How churches must calculate potential losses—and ways to pay for them.
By Michael E. Batts and Richard R. Hammar

Pages: 43