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Understanding Pastoral Liability Download

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Understanding Pastoral Liability Basic Training By Richard Hammar

Many pastors are unaware of the legal risks of their vocation. But pastors face many risks, and they can be held responsible for actions taken in the course of their ministry.

These handouts describe the main situations in which a pastor is personally liable for wrongdoing. Some of the situations are obvious, such as defamation. Some of them are less so, such as when a pastor can and cannot enter into a contract in the churchís name. Use these handouts from Richard Hammar, the authority on church law, to train pastors, board members, and church administrators about the specifics of pastoral liability.

Counseling Malpractice
Several simple steps can protect pastors from accusations and lawsuits.

Sexual Misconduct
Sin not only raises serious moral questions, but potential legal ones too.

Child Abuse Reporting
In most situations, silence on this issue is a crime.

What it is, what it isnít, and how to protect against it.

Invasion of Privacy
Guidelines for pastors who handle sensitive information.

Diversion of Funds
It is never okay to cut corners with church funds.

Contract Liability
What you need to know about spending the churchís money.

Securities Violations
Pastors can easily misstep during a fundraising campaign.

Further Resources
Books and websites to educate you on church and pastoral liability.

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