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Vacation Bible School Safety

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Vacation Bible School Safety

Planners often focus on how to make VBS fun. But along with asking, "Will our VBS be fun?" don't forget to ask, "Will our VBS be safe?" This downloadable resource provides practical tips on how to recruit the best volunteers, and ways to safeguard your church from the legal liabilities associated with common VBS activities.

The Best Vacation Bible School Ever
Overview | How to have fun and stay safe at the same time.
By Jeff Hanna

Are We Prepared for Vacation Bible School?
Assessment | Evaluate your practices ahead of time.
By Jeff Hanna

Strategies for Recruiting Safe Children's Workers
Hot To | How to protect your church kids from sexual abuse.
By James F. Cobble, Jr.

Essentials of Waivers and Release Forms
The Legal Side | Documents that can help protect your church and its people.
By John R. Throop

Medical Emergency Preparation
How To | Get your first aid kit and contacts ready now so you won't be sorry later.
By the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Fun in the Sun
How To | What you need to know to avoid heat-related illnesses.
By James F. Cobble, Jr., and Richard R. Hammar

Crowd Control
For Children's Workers | Help young pedestrians stay safe during VBS.
By James F. Cobble, Jr.

Safe Churches, Safe Kids
It's True | How one church keeps its children protected
Compiled by Brad Lewis

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

Pages: 25