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When Disaster Strikes

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When Disaster Strikes

When churches plan for disasters, it's always with the hope that the plans will be unnecessary. But if a disasteróbe it a hurricane, a tornado, a fire, flooding, or something elseódoes strike your church, you'll be glad if you've taken time to think through preparations that can easily be put into action when disaster strikes. Learn ways to prepare your church for a disaster.

Simple Ways to Deal with Disaster
Overview| How to prepare for (and respond to) a disaster in your church.
by Tyler Charles

Is Our Church Prepared for a Disaster?
Assessment | Use this assessment to recognize what you still need to do.
by Lindsey Learn

Plan for the Worst
How To| Don't let your church be caught off guard if disaster strikes.
by James F. Cobble, Jr.

Take a Personal Property Inventory
How To| It could be one of the smartest things you ever do.
from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

How to Handle a Crisis Situation
How To| Is your church ready?
by Dennis Kasper

Disaster and Emergency Readiness in the Local Church
How To| Understanding the types of disaster that can impact your church.
by John R. Throop

Federal Help Following Disaster
The Legal Side | Churches are eligible for disaster relief loans.
by Rob Moll

Storm Galvanizes Local Church
It's True | How churches can work together in dire times.
by Ginette Cotnoir

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

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