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When Your Church Buys Property

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When Your Church Buys Property

Church Finance Today newsletter brings you this training resource to help your church develop a plan for purchasing property. From legal requirements to a land buying checklist (with everything your church should know about a piece of property before you consider buying it) to how to fund a purchasing plan, your church will learn all the steps you need to take before you put an offer down. This download also reviews the benefits of re-purposing an existing building.

Plan Before You Decide
A phased-in approach to building.
by Dale Ingersoll

Land Buying Checklist
Review this list when considering the purchase of land.
by Paul Spite

The Dirt on Real Estate Disclosures
What must be revealed before a property is sold.
by Richard R. Hammar

Realistic Budgeting
Consider all possible costs before purchasing property.
by Paul Spite

Funding in a Financial Drought
Finding money in trying times.
by Lee A. Dean

Your First Financial Steps
Preparing to work with a lender.
by John R. Throop

The Zero-Percent Solution
How one church expanded debt-free.
by Jerry Bryan

Top 10 Things to Know About Zoning
Before you buy or build your next church facility.
by John Mauck

Re-Purposing Buildings for Ministry
Why buying an existing facility might be right for your church.
by Bill Couchenour

Resource Center
Recommended resources.

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