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Dismissing Employees and Volunteers

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Dismissing Employees and Volunteers

Performance issues with staff are inevitable and rarely go away on their own. You can reduce the disruption to your entire church office, if you deal with problems in a timely manner. Taking care to hire the right person for the job will go along way toward minimizing potential problems.

Simple Tips for Dismissing Employees and Volunteers
From Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Can You Handle A Firing?
Assessment | Use this checklist to find out.
By Jeff Hanna

Hire and Fire
How To | Learn the necessary management skills of hiring—and firing.
by Arthur DeKruyter

Fire a Volunteer
How To | You may not want to, but you may have to.
by Timothy E. Schenck

How to Take the Backfire Out of Firing
The Legal Side | What you need to know to keep from getting burned.
by Stephen P. Chawaga

Learn from Other's Mistakes
It's True | How you fire someone can lead to unexpected consequences.
By Ted Olsen

Anatomy of a Bad Hire
For Pastors | Learn this pastor's four mistakes, and avoid them at your church.
by Jack Connell

Resource Center
Leader's Guide | Quick tips and recommended resources.

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